Skyrunner the all-terrain paraglider is powered by a 1.0l EcoBoost engine


The company Parajet Automotive has been working for several years on a flying car, or more precisely an all-terrain paraglider, the SkyRunner.

After a first prototype equipped with a Yamaha R1 engine and with two seats, the company turned to a more efficient option with a 1.0l EcoBoost Turbo engine that emits only 114g/km.

SkyRunner2013 (2).jpg

This second prototype announces the stage of production with an improved design, however it welcomes only one person!

Its weight is kept low thanks to a tubular structure that weighs only 420kg - excluding driver. Thus, with 125hp and 200nm of torque from the 1.0l Turbo coupled to a four-speed transmission the SkyRunner reaches 0-100kph in just 4.3 seconds while the consumption of road mode is announced at 5.0l per 100km

Two modes, in road mode the SkyRunner reaches a maximum speed of 185kph for a range of 805km from the 35liters tank.

In flight mode the speed reaches 88kph for a range of 321km, while the maximum altitude is 3000 meters.

First deliveries expected in 2014 for a price of $ 119,000 (€ 86,432 at today’s exchange rate), the vehicle approval is underway!
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