(VIDEO) PSA inaugurates the production line of their EB Turbo PureTech engine


This launch is the result of an investment of 893 million Euros including 455 in R & D and an industrial investment of 438 on the site of the Française de Mécanique in Douvrin Pas de Calais.


The engine EB Turbo Pure Tech is PSA’s latest PSA three -cylinder petrol engine that meets the Euro VI standard that will only come into force in late 2014 - this new block is the evolution of the EB launched in late 2011 the 1.0l and 1.2Vti for respective powers of 68 and 82hp .

It is an efficient and compact three-cylinder gasoline engine, thanks to its turbo it is modular ranging from 110 to 130hp while offering consumption reduced by 18 % compared to the previous generation.


Mass production will begin at the end of the 2014 first quarter for a forecasted volume of 320,000 units.

This engine will be fitted in Peugeot’s and Citroen’s compact cars C4 – 308 -208 - C3 and DS3 for emissions from 102g/km to 110g/km!

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