Marvin, the eco catamaran


Marvin, the eco catamaran

« Marvin the Martian » is a 50 feet eco-sustainable fiberglass catamaran.
The project was to create a cruise boat capable of being autonomous and self-sufficient.
This type of boat is placed right between sailing and motor boating.

Mal-Vi, the designers chose two hulls for less resistance in the water and therefore less propulsion energy. The boat has been designed to be constructed using the most advanced technologies: vacuum infusion epoxy resins and Kevlar laminates achieving a lightweight inexpensive hull.

Superstructure uses the same high-tech materials conform to EU regulations.
The multihull allows more space above deck providing 35m² (380 square feet) of photovoltaic panels.

A diesel hybrid presenting various options
-Completely “electrical” propulsion: 30 Nautic miles autonomy at 5 knots cruise speed
-Diesel + electric: 487 Nautic miles at 9 knots for 400 liters of fuel.

-Onboard service A+ energy efficiency
-LED illumination
-Up to 8 guests with the two hulls

Source: Mal-Vi design

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