(VIDEO) Volvo develops batteries (supercapacitors) integrated with body panels

Update of yesterday's with a video

After three and a half years of research, Volvo has revealed a first prototype of Volvo S80 fiited with a body part that can store energy.

Volvo_battery_panel (1).jpg

The idea is to improve the weight and therefore the consumption of electric / electrified vehicles , while maximizing the available space. Volvo has worked with nine other companies on this project funded by the European Union and is the only automaker.


This material is a nanomaterial made of carbon fibers and polymer resin (better known under the name of CFRP and used by BMW I in the structure of their cars) containing flexible supercapacitors sandwiched between two layers of CFRP.

In the S80 prototype this material is tested with a trunk that can provide energy storage without encroaching on the space available inside the car.
As you may know, compared to a conventional battery, the supercapacitor technology allows faster charging . In this case the charge is made by energy regeneration or connection to a plug.

Volvo_battery_panel (3).jpg
According to Volvo , the "revolutionary" technology will "improve the consumption of tomorrow’s electrified vehicles."

As a reminder, Volvo currently offers a diesel plug-in hybrid vehicle, the V60 Plug-in
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