(VIDEO) An electric V-Rod / Batpod - it's on eBay!


This pretty unusual vehicle is currently offered on eBay, it is an electric motorcycle , a replica of Batman’s Batpod based on a 2002 Harley V-Rod.

After the Tron Lightcycle it is now Batman’s motorcycle that shows-up on the web


Power & Performances

This electric V -Rod offers 65hp and 111Nm of torque (82 ft lbs), it is fitted with a regenerative braking technology for a range of 64km (40miles). Indeed, the "baby" weighs 340kg due to the batteries - the maximum speed is itself estimated at over 200kph (126mph)


As evidenced by the video below this electric Batpod is equipped with essential accessories, the flamethrower (which works with Argon tanks) and cannons but are sold not functional - just for the look...

Electric_BatPod-V-Rod (1).jpg


The owner requests a minimum of $ 27,500 and so far nobody bid on this crazy vehicle - however the auction ends tomorrow so anything remains possible !

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