(VIDEO) Ford presents autonomous technologies (avoidance and automatic parking)


Ford was one of the first manufacturers to introduce advanced technology in its vehicles and in particular compact cars like the Focus and Fiesta, while in parallel the efficiency of its three-cylinder EcoBoost engine is demonstrated by sales and hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines (Ford Energi) arrive in dealership ...

We very recently presented the autonomous Nissan Leaf "Advanced Driver Assist System", which can now drive on open roads in Japan - although Ford does not go that far yet, this week they have two technologies that allow some partial autonomous driving, technologies to be seen next in their production vehicles !

- A technology already known at Ford, the automatic parking becomes even easier, now you don’t even need to be inside the car and everything is done by pressing a remote control!


- The other is avoidance technology for last-minute obstacles or automatic braking if avoidance is not possible - these technologies are being tested in Lomel, Belgium by Ford Europe.

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