(VIDEO) A Tesla Model S on fire, official explanations


This is not the first time that the Tesla Model S has an accident, but so far the car had never caught fire, here are some elements of what happened last week in the United States.


Last week, a Model S traveling at "highway speed" struck a large metal object, that damaged the structure of the car and more specifically the front floor.

According to the Tesla Motors press release that followed the accident, the debris operated a leverage equivalent to a force of 25 tons causing a hole of 7.62 cm diameter (3 inches) in the protective plate under the car, the onboard computer immediately alerted the driver telling him to leave the motorway and exit the vehicle, he was not injured .


As immediate consequence, Tesla’s share dropped significantly losing more than $20 as the event questioned the safety of the car... However, this fire demonstrates the efficiency of the subdivision of batteries in 16 modules, the fire didn’t spread to other modules and the cockpit was preserved.

For the info, another Model S also crashed this weekend without fire start…

Via TeslaMotors / YouTube

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