(VIDEO) Carlos Ghosn tries Nissan’s autonomous car : « we are going to bring the first cars on the market »


Tesla Motors announced last week to be working on an autonomous vehicle, following Nissan and Mercedes’ moove - a few days after this interview of Elon Musk by the Financial Times, Nissan received the approval from the Japanese government to drive its vehicles on the open road !


Autonomous vehicles follow -among others- automatic parking technology that democratizes in production models and compact vehicles, and are the next technological revolution.


At Nissan, this technology is called Advanced Driver Assist System, Carlos Ghosn who had the opportunity to try a prototype three years ago witness the progresses made!

Ghosn believes strongly in autonomous driving and already sees a significant competition in this market by 2020 and he wants to be the first to commercialize autonomous cars.

Nissan_Autonomous_Drive (2).jpg

« Pressure is on us to make sure that we are going to bring the first cars on the market »

The autonomous Nissan Leaf just received permission to drive on open road allowing to collect information in real life traffic conditions. Thus, the development of the Advanced Driver Assist System will accelerate for a launch before 2020!

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