(VIDEO) Nissan launches the first electric car-sharing service in Japan - ChoiMobi


While in France the car-sharing market is dominated by the Bolloré Group’s AutoLib – with the Renault Twizy, yet suited to urban use remaining limited to two cities with the Twizy Way service – it is Nissan that launches the first electric car-sharing service in Japan.

Indeed, we know the Renault Twizy but Nissan has a rebadged version called New Mobility Concept, this vehicle has been chosen for the service launching this week in the city of Yokohama.

This is a first in Japan, from today 30 Nissan New Mobility Concept are available in 45 stations across the city in the framework of the "ChoiMobi" service which translates into easy mobility.
You locate and book your vehicle via a dedicated app, then thanks to a specific card you can unlock the vehicle.
This service can be used in one-way allowing to go from one point to another without obligation of return.

ChoiMobi was developed by Nissan in partnership with the City of Yokohama and will be tested over a period of one year, during this period the number of vehicles is expected to increase to 100 and stations to 70.

Regarding the price, it is announced at 20Yens per minute, € 0.15.

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