Tesla Motors wants to build an autonomous car!


Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors said last week to the Financial Times that like the Google Car, road trains projects from Volvo or Mercedes with the Intelligent drive technology and even Nissan, Tesla Motors enters the race of autonomous cars!

Obviously, the high-tech manufacturer from Palo Alto could not get aside of this technological revolution!

Two key figures to remember, first the horizon at which Elon wants to launch the car/  about 3 years, then the autonomous capacity of the car is set at 90% - but 100% is announced at a longer term!

However, once again, Tesla wants to do things its own way. Therefore they won’t use Google’s technology (though already well advanced), Tesla Motors will develop its technology in-house – still according to Elon Musk!

As a reminder, other manufacturers also working on this technology have meanwhile announced a launch for 2020.

Via Financial Times
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