(VIDEO) Personal transportation vehicles X-Robot at Interbike 2013


At the Interbike Bicycle Show in Las Vegas, a Chinese company, Shanghai New Century presented personal transportation vehicles (branded X-Robot), which draw heavily on models and concepts already presented by other brands ...

The most obvious is the Segway, pioneer in this market, while other models are very close to the Winglets concepts introduced by Toyota in 2008.
About the Segway, it is not the first replica, as it exists for over 10 years, counterfeits have had time to develop some offer... This one though is intelligent and innovative with a seat a some design touches, however what is more surprising is to see copies of Winglets - while Toyota is still pursuing the development of one of the three versions (as we were talking about in July), but for now leaves aside the other two models S and L!
In detail, X-Robot has two range of products, one for businesses and local authorities, the other for individuals, respectively, and T-Robot I-Robot with three models in each range

The website of the brand X-Robot is not very clear on the date of creation of the Company or their experience; however they have developed vehicles that seem to work has the videos below demonstrate!

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