(VIDEO) Reevolt e-käfer : electric conversion kit for the classic Beetle at 12.000€


Germans from Karabag already offered an electric car based on the new generation Fiat 500 for over 3 years now. In partnership with Wemag they just revealed their new product, an electric Beetle or rather a conversion kit sold under the name Reevolt e-kaefer.


The idea is original and allows to recycle an old Beetle with for instance an engine out of order or too pollutants for its owners by an electric drivetrain.

Therefore Karabag has developed a kit specially designed to electrify your Beetle, this kit priced from € 11,400 with VAT includes an electric motor, battery, charger and even a bio ethanol heater to preserve range.

Reevolt_e-kaefer_electricBeetle (2).jpg

In figures, its electric motor develops 35hp and 149nm of torque, with a weight of 850kg (80kg of batteries included) the speed goes up to 105kph and range to 120km with cool driving.

To preserve the transmission the 149nm of torque are not available immediately but gradually up to 30kph where the peak torque arrives.

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