Mercedes to offer a LPG version of the Sprinter

The low-emission Sprinter 316 LGT (Liquefied Gas Technology) is certified to Euro 5 standard. Its 1,8l four-cylinder petrol engine is designed to run on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Compared with petrol engines, it offers a reduction of 20 percent in CO2 emissions.

Not only ecological, the fuel costs are significantly lower compared with a diesel, up to 30% cheaper. Along with the standard 100-litre petrol tank, the Sprinter 316 LGT with 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight is fitted with an LPG tank with a capacity of 76 litres, located underneath the vehicle towards the frame end. Thanks to this method of installation, the load carrying capacity of the van is not restricted at all.

The 115 kW (156 hp) supercharged engine with a maximum torque of 240 Nm  generally starts in petrol mode. If LPG mode is selected, the vehicle will automatically switch to gas operation as soon as the necessary cooling-water temperature of around 45 degrees Celsius has been reached. Once the gas tank is empty, it will then again automatically switch back to petrol mode. The driver can however also decide himself whether to direct fuel to the engine from the petrol or the LPG tank, and can change via a simple push-button switch. 
The maximum range of the Sprinter 316 LGT is around 1200 kilometres, whereby up to 450 kilometres can be covered in gas mode.

The Sprinter 316 LGT not only meets the specific safety standards that apply to vehicles running on liquefied petroleum gas, but has also successfully passed a comprehensive range of in-house tests. Every time the vehicle starts, the engine control systems checks the LPG fuel system for leaks. 

The Sprinter 316 LGT is available in various versions: panel van, crewbus, chassis-cab and crewcab, in each case with a wheelbase of either 3665 or 4325 mm. Whichever model is chosen, the price for conversion to LPG operation is 2538 euros. Sprinter 316 LGT models will be available from November 2010. 

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