Latest developments of the electric tricycle Twike (TW4XP) - up to 500 km of range!


At the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Swiss brand Twike which offering electrified tricycles/velomobiles presents the latest evolution of their work.

The Twike is an electric tricycle that is based on the same principle as a pedelec with an electric motor that assists your effort but with a enclosed cockpit and a passenger next to you!


This TW4XP which was until then just a prototype is presented on the Frankfurt Motor Show as a near-production version announcing the Twike 5 expected for 2014.

The shape and design of the original Twike necessarily remind you something, in fact this vehicle was born from a student project initially launched in 1986, since then, more than 1000 units have been sold and it also achieved a world tour with the "Project Icare".

Presented as a concept at the moment, the lastest evolutions offer a new design, more actual making it more desirable.

For the moment no price or specs sheet of the Twike 5 are announced - but the Twike 3 currently available is priced from € 16,772 battery excluded (from € 5,847 to € 11,694 depending on the capacity) with a consumption of 5kWh per 100km and a top speed of 85kph. Depending on the battery chosen range can go up to 500km!

The Twike 5 is announced as faster and more powerful than the 3, more infos to follow shortly...

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