(VIDEO) Tesla Supercharger plan for Europe


We mentioned their imminent release at the first European Model S customer delivery, after a launch in the United States with already 21 stations primarily in West America, the Californian brand deploys its network of fast charging stations in Europe beginning with Norway!


Tesla has opened its first ultrafast charging stations "Supercharger" this month, no fewer than six are already in operation in Norway to allow users to move freely throughout the country.

Supercharger_Europe_2013 (1).jpg

But the Nordic countries, precursors of the electric vehicle market will not be the only ones to enjoy this network since Tesla reveals in the same time an ambitious European Plan.

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By the end of 2013, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and France should also inaugurate their first stations!

The ultimate goal is that 100% of the population of Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark and Luxembourg, will be at a maximum of 320km from a station and 90% of  England, Wales, France, Italy and Sweden - by the end of 2014!


For the record the Tesla Supercharger "the world's fastest charging station" charges in 120kW and offers 320km of range in 30 minutes to owners of Model S.

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