French Roadster, Pariss Electric sportscar nears production in Francfort


In Frankfurt, the company behind the Pariss Electric presents a pre-series model that follows the first prototype we discovered on the 2012 Paris Auto Show, then in Geneva and Paris eCarTec. One year after its premiere, here is an update on this French initiative!


Founded by Damien Biro, the company has limited resources but relies on 20 partnerships and a willingness of “Made in France” to demonstrate some know-how.
The partners therefore set in motion what was then a simple drawing from Damien Biro!

Pariss-Electric_IAA2013 (3).jpg

Compared to the first prototype unveiled in 2012, the power increases from 100kW to 160kW (and 400nm of torque) that are still delivered by two motors, one placed on each axle to have four wheel drive. The 0 to 100kph goes from 5 seconds initially to 3.9 seconds with an extra-weight of 50kg only!

Some other interesting update, a range extender based on a "small gasoline engine" will be offered at its launch in early 2014 – range jumps from 200km to 700km - but no further information is available at this time.

For the rest, the specs remain unchanged, this compact sports-car of only 3.8m features front and rear LED lights, its body is made of composites to display a weight of 800kg despite the 200kg of battery, the Paris Electric will be available from € 69,000.

Pariss-Electric_IAA2013 (2).jpg

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