Renault - Bolloré: cooperation on car sharing, convertible BlueCar and development of a compact three-seater with 200 km of range!


Renault and Bolloré officially announced last week a letter of intent for a partnership on three main levels:


-Development of car-sharing solutions

Alliance around a joint venture to conquer and settle new car-sharing services, with the arrival of Renault in the capital of BlueLy and BlueCub (AutoLib in Lyon and Bordeaux). Ultimately, this partnership could certainly allow Renault’s electric vehicles to recharge simply on Bolloré’s stations!

We also remind that for Indianapolis – Bollorés first car-sharing outside France – the vehicles won’t be some Bluecars, and therefore Nissan Leafs belonging to the alliance could be a good fit!

-Industrial support

Renault’s factory in Dieppe will support the needs of production in France in order to meet the demand for car-sharing vehicles but also a convertible BlueCar to be launched in June (Bolloré BlueSun?) - Renault will also provide parts and components.

-Towards a three-seater Bluecar

Finally, according to the feedback from AutoLib experience, most trips are with a maximum of three people. For efficiency reasons, Renault and Bolloré will develop and industrialize a compact 3-seater of 3.1m long with 200 km of range, based on Bolloré’s Lithium Metal Polymer 20kWh battery.

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