(VIDEO) Greyp G-12 by Rimac: an ebike with two faces


We introduced it a few days ago before its reveal at London’s Salon Privé, Rimac just unveiled its new electric vehicle, this time it's a two wheeler!

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After having developed the world's most powerful electric supercar Rimac Automobili worked over two years to develop the G-12, powerful but also innovative in several ways.

Fingerprint recognition
The Greyp G-12 is activated by fingerprints, up to 50 owners can be recognized.

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Three driving modes: Street, Eco and Power
In the Street mode, the G-12 is a pedelec with 250Watt and a maximum speed of 25kph while in Speed mode the 12kW of the in-wheel motor are unleashed for a maximum speed of 65kph!

Greyp_bikes_G12 (8).jpg

The G-12 is equipped with a A123 Lithium Nanophospate 1.3kWh battery that can be recharged at 100% in 80minutes only on the 220V.
Finally, the in-wheel motor allows regenerative braking for up to 120km of range.

The G-12 has two speeds fitted in the crankset, a Schlumpf technology, the 888 units of the Greyp G-12 will be assembled by hand in Croatia.
Listed weight is announced at 49kg.

Rimac Automobili created this new brand to market this extraordinary bike whose price has not yet been announced but we can easily imagine 5000 to 10,000€...

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