(VIDEO) Lexus LF-NX, the hybrid compact crossover coming to Frankfurt


Lexus had announced a new concept for the Frankfurt Motor Show with a first teaser but without giving more details or even a name, here are the first images of the LF-NX Crossover Concept which will be placed just below the RX450h in the range.


Exterior design

Lexus reaffirms its willingness to touch younger customers after the LF-LC and LF-CC Concepts, inspired coupes with sporty and distinctive lines, the LF-NX is exactly in the same trend and pushes even further the exuberance with a prominent grille and small headlights that emphasize the lines of this stretched IS fitted with large wings.


As always with Lexus, the attention is focused on the driver and the driving experience, with intuitive controls and a beautiful center console in brushed aluminum.

Lexus_LF-NX_2013 (1).jpg


Lexus does not reveal the specs of the LF-NX yet but announces an efficient engine, derived from a new powertrain and specially adapted to this SUV ... We guess it is the latest 2.5 four cylinder with Atkinson cycle, the 300h but in a revised version with probably a more powerful electric motor providing more instantaneous torque to move the car - necessarily heavier than the sedans in which we currently find this powertrain.

Lexus_LF-NX_2013 (2).jpg

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