(VIDEO) IAA 2013: Smart FourJoy, preview of the new ForFour in a Crossblade way!


Smart’s Concept designed for the Frankfurt announces the return of a four seater Smart with an architecture that can welcome an electric motor on the basis of the current ForTwo ED powertrain.


Indeed, this FourJoy is open and therefore recalls the Crossblade, it gets the distinctive lines of the new ForTwo spotted with the ForStars and For-Us concepts respectively presented in Paris and Detroit in 2012 with a focus on "entertainment" for one and the other on leisure with two slots designed to welcome Smart eBikes.

Smart_FourJoy_2013 (2).jpg

The logic remains the same with the FourJoy, urban, for the last mile, as it features two electric skateboard on the roof - and of course helmets in the trunk!

Specs sheet of the Smart FourJoy

With 3.49m long it is 80 cm longer than the current ForTwo and remains extremely compact for a four-seater! It uses the electric motor of the SmartED: 55kW motor and a 17.6kWh battery.

If this concept greatly prefigures the Smart ForFour expected next year in terms of its exterior design remains to know how efficient its petrol and diesel engines will be!

Smart_FourJoy_2013 (4).jpg

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