(VIDEO) The 2013 Citroen Cactus: an urban crossover with HybridAir powertrain


The name Cactus had been used in 2007 by Citroën, more specifically C-Cactus.
For the Frankfurt Motor Show the brand has decided to update their vision and fit the new flagship powertrain, the Hybrid-Air technology that will debut in series vehicles from 2016.


The Citroen Cactus Concept and what it announces in the range

This vehicle gives guidelines of Citroen’s C range (C2-C3…) and shows that the brand doesn’t not leave it aside to focus on the DS range, more innovative and having the market’s favor!
In the urban crossover segment it will compete with the Peugeot 3008 and Renault Captur to mention only the French models!

Indeed, the Citroen Cactus displays dimensions of a compact car and high ground clearance.

Citroen_Cactus_2013 (2).jpg

Technologies simple to use and affordable

The style of the 2013 Citroen Cactus focuses on efficiency with a race to aerodynamics and weight saving.
Simplification of the dashboard with a single 8-inch screen.

The HybridAir technology (compressed air hydraulic hybrid) is particularly effective in such a vehicle because as it offers the best performances in urban areas (frequent braking) with up to 45% fuel savings without the cost or weight of the electric hybrid - 3l per 100km announced.

Citroen_Cactus_2013 (4).jpg


Finally, the Cactus announces that the C line will also receive more customization options - like the DS3 - with for example AirBumps protecting the body but available in many different colors.

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