(VIDEO) VT Pampaluminic: an electric bike prototype from an industrial designer


The electric bike that we present is a demonstration of know-how from young Argentine industrial designers Juan Francisco Tibaldi Camoletto and Elian Vranicich.


Rather than electrifying an existing bicycle they created a frame for a unique bicycle, a functional prototype achieved, both technically and aesthetically.

The main part of the frame is a large beam divide in two parts with a damper that makes the link, the fork and rear wheel are attached to this beam – as well as its specificity - a metal structure that houses the saddle and the battery while the charge indicator is placed in the headlight.

VT_Pampaluminic (3).jpg

This electric bike is not considered as a pedelec but as an e-bike as it doesn’t have pedals but a throttle!

In the end the VT Pampaluminic is a design suspended e-bike, a real demonstration from these young designers. About performances, the 350Watt electric motor allows between 28 and 33kph of max speed for 40 to 60km of range.

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