The Smart Roadster is back – as a Chinese copy with an hybrid engine


The Chinese manufacturer Sichuan Yema or Yema Auto just revealed a new vehicle on the Chengdu Motor Show, which opened its doors last weekend. The Yema Auto M72 Hybrid Sports Coupe undoubtedly recalls the Smart Roadster Coupe sold between 2003 and 2005.

Yema_M72_hybrid_coupe (2).jpg

Yema Auto has a range of SUVs and Crossover - 4 models in total - as well as a bus. With this M72 Coupe it announces a possible arrival on new markets with a more compact and sporty vehicle.

Exterior design, the front and profile of the car are clearly inspired by the Smart Roadster Coupe with reproductions of the tridion or even the side vents...

Yema_M72_hybrid_coupe (2).jpg

The interior, however, changes from the Smart Coupe to go on more premium land with a dashboard and center console that find their roots in American or European actual productions.

Yema_M72_hybrid_coupe (2).jpg

About its powertrain, it is still a little fuzzy but it could receive a hybrid powertrain or alternative fuels such as natural gas (CNG).

Via ChinaCarTimes
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