Peugeot 208 Hybrid FE, the future of combustion engines in.. 10 years!?


We mentioned it in March, the Peugeot 208 HybridFE is a demonstrator designed by Peugeot in partnership with Total, the goal was to push the envelope for a combustion vehicle in terms of efficiency and technology - and from a series model and engine.

208_HybridFE (3).jpg

In short:
Cx improved by 25%
Mass reduced by 20%
GTI accelerations 

The powertrain in detail:
The standard 68hp 1.0Vti engine is increased to 1.2l but keeps the same power, the compression ratio is improved and the torque increases by 25%.


The 7kg electric motor develops 30kW during acceleration and three times more during braking (100kW!) with a constant torque of 30nm, braking energy regeneration is derived from Peugeot Sport Endurance programs, the 0.59kWh battery weighs 25kg and takes place next to the 20 liters tank.

"The project 208 HYbrid FE is essential as it explores ways to reach the 2l per 100km bar."
Maxime Picat, General Director of Peugeot

The commercialization of these technologies is not scheduled at short or medium term, but the Hybrid Air technology that will be launched in 2016 already announces 2.9l per 100km and 69g/km according to the first homologation cycles!
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