(VIDEo) IAA 2013: specs of the 420hp 4WD hybrid Yaris! (Hybrid-R)


After a teaser and a first sketch of the car that Toyota will premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the brand has just revealed more details on their boosted hybrid Yaris, the Yaris Hybrid-R, including an impressive specs sheet...


Developed by TMG, the motorsport arm of Toyota, the combustion engine drives the front wheels with a power of 300hp and 420nm of torque, obtained from an in-line 1.6 liter 4-cylinder, while two electric motors from 60hp power each of the rear wheels for a combined output of 420hp!

Of course, as they are in-wheel motors, they can be controlled independently and provide maximum grip thanks to the torque vectoring technology.

A final electric motor positioned between the combustion engine and the six-speed sequential transmission is used as generator during deceleration to recharge the batteries.


The car will be the first four-wheel drive Yaris and with 420hp this very sporty hatchback will undoubtedly have quite some temperament!

Instead of a conventional battery (and as the TS030) the car relies on a super capacitor, lighter and allowing to store and give back energy faster – a perfect match for race conditions!

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