Hybrid Range Rover the SDV6 gets 340hp and 700nm for 6.4l per 100km (SDV6 HEV)


Shortly after the reveal of the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport the brand announced that it would turn to hybrid technologies to offer more power with lower emissions. A few weeks before the opening of the Frankfurt Motor Show the brand announces the official figures of the new hybrid powertrain that will be fitted in the classic Range and Range Sport.

2013_Hybrid_Range_SDV6HEV (1).jpg

The Hybrid Range Rover's Lithium battery takes place under the floor to provide the same load capacity and to still welcome 7 people.
The 3.0l SDV6 now develops 340hp and 700nm of torque and a fuel consumption of 6.4l per 100km (36.75mpg) for emissions of 169g/km or a reduction of about 26%!

The V6 is assisted by an electric motor of 35kW and 170nm matted to the new ZF 8-speed gearbox for a total overweight of 120kg.

Thus the 0 to 100kph is announced in less than 7 seconds : 6.9 and 6.7 seconds respectively for the Classic and the Sport.
In electric mode the speed is limited to 48kph for a range of 1.6km.

2013_Hybrid_Range_SDV6HEV (1).jpg

Orders of the brand’s first hybrid SUV will start at the Frankfurt Motor Show for deliveries expected in early 2014.

After studies of plug-in hybrid powertrains for JLR with the Range_e and XJ-e, the group launches the hybrid version that will demonstrate its capabilities during the 16.000km of the Silk Trail Expedition.

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