(VIDEO) Oshkosh 2013: Aviat aircraft presents a dual fuel Husky A1-C gasoline/cng


At the 2013 AirVenture show, the company Aviat aircraft revealed a plane that can be powered by natural gas (CNG) or gasoline.

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According to the brand it is the first dual-fuel plane, it is exhibited on the AirVenture Show from July 29 until August 4.

“This is a remarkable proof-of-concept airplane,” said Stu Horn, president of Aviat Aircraft. “While adapting our standard Husky aircraft into this dual fuel configuration was not without challenges, it was well worth it. The performance and ease of operations have exceeded our expectations.”

Based on a standard Aviat Husky A-1C, it receives an additional tank under the cockpit, powered by a 200hp four-cylinder Lycoming its top speed is listed at 143mph (230kph), the prototype has already flew more than 1,000 miles.

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CNG benefits:

-The use of natural gas can be up to 80% more efficient in the aviation and would be perfectly adapted for flight schools,

“One aspect we’re particularly excited about is the opportunity to dramatically reduce the cost of learning to fly,” Greg Herrick, president of the Aviation Foundation of America. “If a flight school installs a simple CNG refueling station they can cut the cost for the student’s fuel, perhaps by thousands of dollars. And, the fuel is available where ever there is a natural gas line.”  

- Reduced emissions, 90% less SMOG and 30% less CO2
- With the gaz, the combustion is cleaner and therefore oil also, potentially leading to a longer life of the engine
- Finally, the performance is improved by the CNG’s higher-octane level (138 instead of 100)

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