Porsche 991 Blu Edition: the entry level 911 cabrio is the most efficient and available in a limited edition


Porsche just announced an efficient 911 named Blu Edition to be presented at the IAA in September, a vehicle designed primarily as a study to avoid taxes on emissions, particularly in Italy but that is finally released in limited edition for the 50th anniversary of the brand, this 911 is a technology demonstrator that foreshadows the innovations that will be featured in the facelift of the 991 already expected for 2014!


Here is the pitch: cylinder deactivation, an engine decreased to 300hp but with the same torque (390nm), ultralight 18-inch wheels mounted on low rolling resistance tires specially developed by Michelin, and finally a latest generation start / stop system developed with Siemens.

The 911 Blu Edition abandons the standard PASM adjustable suspension but it remains available as an option. Only offered in cabriolet it comes with a composite hardtop weighting only 22kg (36kg previously on the 997).

Total weight gain is between 63kg and 85kg without the hardtop. It is fitted with the PDK gearbox as standard, the 0 to 100kph takes 5.4 seconds and Vmax is listed at 266kph, with a consumption of 6.4 l/100km and emissions at 152g/km! For the record a classic 991 PDK goes from 0 to 100kph in 4.6s, consumes 8.2l/100km and emits 194g/km

A little less wide and featuring grille shutters in the front bumper, the Cx is lowered at 0.26.

911 units will be available and reserved to members of the Porsche Club with this unique mix of riviera blue and red elements ... Price announced at € 74,600

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