(VIDEO) All the electric vehicles of Pikes Peak 2013


Veteran of the event, the Yokohama team uploaded an interesting video showing all the electric vehicles that raced in the 2013 edition of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, some kind of event making-of!


Electric cars

We talked about the winners as it is pretty hard to list all the competitors and mostly find pictures.. We discover a FIT / Jazz EV from Honda’s R & D department, and of course the electric supercars TMG, Mitsubishi, DriveEO ...
This video also shows us the other side of the event with the pre-race inspections.

Electric motorcycles

Some images of the Amarok Racing bike, whose performance was offset by the domination of Lightning Motorcycle took the first place of the two wheelers (any type of energy!), also note three Zero Motorcycles Zero FX and three Zero S.

If you follow the video to the end, you will find that the conditions were not easy, adding some difficulty, the driver of the Yokohama HER-02, Ikuo Hanawa, fights with the car and almost zero visibility! He deserved to finish his race aborted by an electrical problem!

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