(VIDEO) The new NSX powertrain demonstrated next August on a race track

Update of July 27th article with a new video teaser

Here is an unusual premiere, Honda which has already introduced a concept that foreshadows their next hybrid supercar, the new NSX under the Acura badge first in Detroit and then Honda at the Geneva Motor Show (also remember its featuring in the Avengers movie) will show and race a prototype fitted with the final powertrain next August at the opening of an IndyCar race.


The reveal, as well as the design and manufacturing is focused on the United States, particularly Ohio.

Indeed the new NSX whose series version is expected for 2015 is developed by the US R&D Centre located in Raymond, Ohio while the production will be in a new facility the "Performance Manufacturing Center" in Marysville, Ohio.

This NSX will inaugurate a 4WD hybrid powertrain combining a gasoline V6 mounted in center position and three electric motors, a technology called SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive).

The first public tests are planned at the Indy 200 race in Lexington, Ohio on August 4.

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