(VIDEO) The Flux Capacitor aims to be the fastest road-legal electric car!


In July 2012, we talked about this project of the British automotive journalist Jonny Smith (Fifth Gear) which was to transform a small electric microcar Enfield 8000 in a real dragster.

It all started when he found one of the few units of the Mini competitor from the 70’s, the Enfield 8000 electric micro-car, which had been abandoned due to flooding.

Jonny wanted to save it but with an update to make it legendary: the fastest road-legal electric car on the ¼ mile (400m standing start)!

Its benchmark, the Tesla Roadster and a target of 10 to 11 seconds.


The car has been completely “deboned”, fitted with a tubular chassis, rollcage and powerful electric motors.

The Flux Capacitor, new name of this Enfield is extreme with its oversized wheels to stand the power and an anti-flip bar so that the car does not flip-over at the acceleration

The car is designed to set acceleration records and therefore, the battery is as small as possible, for a range announced at 20 miles (about 32km).

The video below is just a teaser that reveals the final look of the car before we see it smashing records!

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