(VIDEO) Rubbee electrifies your bicycle in seconds


Here is a new electric assistance system that has just been posted on Kickstarter, a project led by four partners and under development for 2 years, explaining the finished look and even leather handle of the product.

Rubbee (2).jpg

The system uses the principle of friction, just like the well known Solex with a small wheel that drives the bike’s wheel! Waterproof, it includes a LED light that serves as taillight.

The Rubbee is provided with a throttle that has to be fitted once, its power is 250Watt in continuous and 800Watt in peak in, the user can pedal along with the assistance and once the speed 25kph is reached, the Rubbee stops.

However the presence of the accelerator makes us express some doubts about the compatibility with the European standard of pedelec...

Its range varies from 30km at medium power to 20km at full power for a recharge in two hours.
With dimensions of 41cm long for 16 high and 12 wide, Rubbee fits on wheels from 16 to 29 inches and seat tubes of 22 to 35 mm


Operation in four steps:

Hooking on the seat tube
Remove the fixing pin which keeps the system in free wheel or connected
Connect the accelerator
Press the ON / OFF button

Online since barely one week on Kickstarter, almost half of the funds needed have already been harvested, moreover with a support of £ 699 you can buy a Rubbee to a discounted price.
The first units are expected in November 2013 at price under € 1,000.

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