(VIDEO) Toyota’s Segway testing beggins in Japan – Winglet personnal transportation


The Winglet is a single person vehicle introduced by Toyota in 2008, a gyropode or pocket Segway.


Starting today, the city of Tsukuba tests the first prototypes of Winglet on the sidewalk in a specific and unique experimental area in Japan called Mobility Robot Experimental Zone.

The first phase of tests to ensure the safety and functionality of the device will take place over a year, until March 31, 2014.

In 2008 three versions were revealed with different sizes and specifications: S, M and L.


The Winglet L prototypes being tested can reach 6kph with an hour or 4km of range. They are activated by a key and operated by gyroscopes, like the Segway, you give a direction with the weight of your body.

The single person vehicle is a market that remains largely unexplored by the large manufacturers who only presented prototypes such as the Honda Uni-Cub or the Winglet while many companies, starting with Segway but also Ewee or Ssike offer some interesting solutions for a few years...

For the moment no launch announcement for this Toyota Winglet.

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