(VIDEO) 100.000th electric vehicle sold by Renault-Nissan


The Renault-Nissan alliance has sold its 100,000th electric vehicle in the United States, indeed the two brands offer a comprehensive range of six electric vehicles ranging from the micro-city-car to the utility vehicle.


The Nissan Leaf, on sale for more than two years already, accounts for the most of these sales with 71,000 units worldwide.

Completely updated this year with the arrival of entry-level trim, more trunk, range and the possibility to rent the battery, the Leaf like the Zoé, are the alliance’s two mainstream electric vehicles accelerating the democratization of the electric car.


The alliance estimates the number of kilometers traveled by its vehicles to over 841 million, or 20,000 times around the world, saving 124 million kg of CO2 from the air.

The 100,000 client is a graduate of Atlanta’s University, Allison Howard.

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