A trailer as range-extender for your electric car


The French company EP Tender designed a trailer that can charge an electric car while driving. A solution that could allow long distance travel via rental solutions.


Do you want to go on holiday with your electric car without having to stop every 100 kms to recharge? So rent a trailer with range extender, EP Tender just unveiled the first prototype for a series model expected for 2015.
The idea of range extender trailer has already been the subject of two concepts/prototypes (E-Buggy, Dock+Go), but this is the first French one.

The main weakness of the very economical electric cars could be solved by adding a simple trailer that could be either purchased or rented.

The first time, it will require some setup to connect the trailer to the battery, but this range extender can be adapted to all the EV models.


The EP Tender houses a small 600cc engine 

The trailer features a small engine (600cc) found in the Tata Nano.
The EP Tender trailer has a 35-liter tank of gasoline and announces an average consumption from 6 to 7 l/100km when the batteries are discharged, more than 500km of extra range. The first tests already begun and the first user testing will take place in October. For 2014, the company plans to set partnerships with manufacturers or rental companies.

Another good idea of EP Tender’s designers is to install a second undercarriage for an easy reverse. You can see how it works in the video below.

The range extender trailer should be available in self-service at a price around €10 in strategic locations like highway gas stations.

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