(VIDEO) BMW i3, official reveal price from € 34,990

Update of April 22nd article with official images, videos and new details

The price of the electric compact-car in the premium and german style is now official, the BMW i3 whose arrival n showrooms and on the roads is imminent is priced at €34,990€ or € 27,990 after the €7,000 french grant.

2014_BMWi3 (12).jpg

Price of the BMWi3 and specs-sheet

After many rumors of a price below € 40,000, the news came today BMW’s compact electric car will cost € 34,990 (bonus excluded).

A competitive price compared to the Nissan Leaf for example sold between € 23,190 and € 28,590 battery included and after the French bonus, less with respect to the Renault Zoé priced from € 15,700 but excluding battery leasing at 79 € / month.

2014_BMWi3 (17).jpg2014_BMWi3 (14).jpg

BMW already announces financing solutions from 470 € / month, including maintenance and without downpayment, however no battery rental solution seems to be on the agenda.

2014_BMWi3 (5).jpg

Last information the optional range extender Rex, a 650cc twin-cylinder developing 34hp and allowing a total range of 300km is priced at 4.000€ ... In electric only, range varies between 130 and 200km depending on the driving style and mode.

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