Infiniti Q50 S Hybrid from € 53,540, available in 4-wheel drive


Formerly called M35h, the new version of Infiniti’s premium hybrid sedan is now named Q50 S Hybrid.

The Q50 opts for a less consensual style, more incisive, aggressive lines with prices starting at € 34,800 for the 2.2d engine that offers 170hp, 400Nm of torque, emissions 114g/km and consumption of 4.4l/100km, interesting in regard to its size!


The "Direct Response Hybrid" powertrain combines a 3.5l V6 with an electric motor, the brand highlights the dynamism of this version now called Q50 S Hybrid, with its combined 360hp, the 0 to 100kph takes only 5.1 seconds for emissions of 144g/km and an average fuel consumption of 6.2l/100km. Note that the Q50 S Hybrid will also be available with an optional all-wheel drive transmission.

In its basic version the Q50 S Hybrid offers a sport suspension, sports brakes with opposed calipers (4-piston front, 2 rear) and of course regenerative and finally the VSP warning sound for pedestrians at low speeds...

The Q50 also innovates by offering for the first time an electric steering "Direct Adaptive Steering" or "steer by wire" option at 1000 €.

Options are available individually or with packs: multimedia, comfort, welcome, visibility, steering and security shield. The Q50 will be available in eight colors, from the end of 2013.

Before we get our hands on the new Q50 S Hybrid here is our test of the M35h.
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