(VIDEO) 17 Ford C-Max Energi (PHEVs) on the European roads


Already launched in the United States, as well as the Ford Fusion Energi (Mondeo in Europe), the plug-in hybrid version of the Ford C-Max is expected in Europe next year, however, the city of Cologne is currently testing 17 of these vehicles in the ColognE-mobil project.

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The ColognE-mobil project focuses on the integration of electrified vehicles in urban areas. Launched with the support of Ford in 2009 it will be used as model for the deployment of charging infrastructures in the country.

The 17 C-Max Energi are among 66 vehicles being tested in the project, electric Focus and Transit are also included.

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Indeed, this year Ford introduces the launch of two hybrid powertrains, Hybrid (parallel hybrid) and Energi (plug-in hybrid), electrifying the very frugal EcoBoost engines, thus providing consumption and emissions figures extremely interesting:

For the C-Max hybrid, consumption is below the one of the Prius (reference for hybrid cars) while the C-Max Energi is announced with a range of almost 1000km on a single tank!

The Ford Focus Electric - whose price has just been officially reduced from $ 4.000 at $ 35.200 before government grants will be available in Europe next September.

Regarding the Ford C-Max Energi, the U.S. price is from $ 29,995 and its launch in Europe planned for 2014.
Here is a video of the U.S. version of the car

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