(VIDEO) First stage of the eRoadRacing and rendering of H-Ker’s prototype for the 2014 season


Now called FIM eRoadRacing this electric motorcycles championship brings together the TTXGP and former FIM ePower.


The opening round of the season took place this weekend in Valencia, Spain, an event dominated by Zongshen.
This weekend event took place in two rounds, a 4 laps sprint before a 8 laps race.


The Zongshen bikes rank on the first three steps of the podium in the first race, while in the second race (after a crash) we find a newcomer on the podium, Adrian Menchen aged of 18 only on the Renegade Z.

In parallel, here are some news of the company H-Ker pursuing an intensive program of tests and demonstrations of the “First” on French race-tracks: Carole, Dijon-Prenois, Salbris with temperatures exceeding 30°C...


H-Ker just revealed the first image of the proto they are developing to reach a next step - above the practice motorcycle - a 150hp prototype able to reach 280kph built to participate in the 2014 FIM eRoadRacing.

We look forward to get some news of the first French electric superbike!

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