(VIDEO) Van.Eko Be.e frameless bio composite electric scooter, pay per mile price


The Dutch design firm Waarmakers has revealed an electric scooter developed with NPSP manufacturer of composites for the young brand Van.Eko


The Van.Eko Be.e is an electric scooter with a bio-composite body, without frame thanks to its monocoque flax-based and bio-resins construction, sustainable and highly resistant material for a construction that provides weight and cost reductions.

The Be.e is fitted with a 4 kW and 100Nm motor placed in the rear wheel, its 1.9kWh battery provides a range of 60km for a top speed of 55kph, which can be limited to 25 or 45kph depending on the regulations. A second battery is also available as an option.

Van.Eko_Be (3).jpg

Its total weight is 95kg and it can accommodate two passengers of 90kg each

In addition, the Be.e has a USB port with Smartphone dock, cruise control and a boost function.

Listed price, the Be.e is only offered with a leasing formula, 4 possibilities from 300km for 140 € / month up to 1000km for 170 € / month and mileage checked once a year.


The construction and materials remind us of the scooter e'KO by Citi Technologies and Safran that we spotted at the Paris' two wheelers show in 2011.

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