(VIDEO) SEV’s eTricks now available in six variants, a pedelec and a foldable pedelec also in the 2013 range!


The small French company SEV, sells for 4 years now an innovative means of transportation, an electric moped not really scooter, or bike (no pedals).


Launched in 2009 the first version of eTricks was characterized by its agility with impressive demonstrations in skate parks.

Having evolved over the years, 2013 marks some further developments for the brand with new variants including the Evolution model and two other products entering more competitive segments, for a total of 10 models.

Indeed there are some similar vehicles to the eTricks, the ELMOTO for instance but this market is not as dynamic as the one of the electrically assisted bicycle.

Developed and manufactured entirely in France, at the Ales mechanical pole - where you can find electric meetings each year at the RIVE event - this young brand is a demonstration of French know-how.

The frame is in aluminum, the motor developed in-house and the Sony cells also assembled by the brand for a total control of the production chain.


The eTricks range in figures prices from € 2,790 to € 4,390

The entry-level eTricks Little (for children) with 1.5kW of power, weight of 32kg and a range of 2h

Spearhead of the range the eTricks Evolution R01: 2.5kW of power for 30 to 40km of range and a weight of 37kg
Range can go up to 50km thanks to an optional additional battery.

SEV’s pedelecs

The 2013 SEV range is also an electric bike, the Veliks (from €2199 to € 2599 depending on the version) with belt drive, 2-speed automatic or a Nexus 8 speed. And a foldable pedelec eBixe (€ 1,549), both have a removable battery for easy recharge.


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