Terra Motors A4000, asian-bound electric scooter


We already introduced their three-wheel e-TukTuk and announced that an electric scooter was also in the works, Terra Motors, a Japanese company that mainly aims to Asian markets has launched a new two-wheeler.

TerraMotors_A4000 (3).jpg

The Terra Motors A4000 and A4000i are iPhone ready and targets individuals after a first product for businesses and transport companies

With about 1000Watt of power it reaches 65kph and the Lithium battery (removable) 65km of range for a recharge in 4.5hours. The total weight of the A4000 is listed at 118kg.

TerraMotors_A4000 (2).jpg

Moreover, the brand announces a battery technology that allows a larger amount of recharges for up to 50.000km lifespan – but it seems that they compare it with lead acid batteries as since with a 60km average trip per charge that would make 833 charging cycles.

Finally a plus for its nice design that changes from copies and standardized designs found in Asia and particularly in China.

About volume, the ambitious Japanese company plans on 100,000 units by 2015
Its price is announced around 450.000Yens or the equivalent of $ 4,500 (€ 3,449 converted)
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