Moto Electra sets a new record crossing the United States on an electric motorcycle


The electric Norton from Moto Electra that participates in the TTXGP championship went from Florida to California in three days and a half, Jacksonville to Santa Monica, an impressive performance!


It is a success in halftone for Moto Electra, as the team achieved the crossing in 84 hours, three days ... and a half while the driver Thad Wolff hoped he could achieve this feat in three days round, but some imponderables and the weather conditions didn’t help.

From the first day of the challenge, the team had to deal with lighting issues - just fitted to the bike so it could be road-legal, that the "boss" of Moto Electra fixed himself. The latter is also defined primarily as an handyman passionate about the electric motorcycle adventure.

During the repair, the bike was connected to a generator that was following Wolff to recharge the 20 kWh battery, an opportunity to get some sleep directly on the floor with his jacket as a pillow! Tuff but wise before starting the last stretch of the 4000 kms journey. Especially since he then experienced heavy rain and heat approaching 35°C around San Antonio.

In the end, the bike achieved a 105kph average with 160 to 200 km between charges. And even if the crossing took half a day more than expected, Moto Electra still beat the previous record of Terry Harschner on its "Vetterized zero machine" by two and a half days. Congratulations to them, evenmore since the record had been set just a week earlier!
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