Nissan readies its own Twizy-like electric micro-car


Renault’s partner just announced that it was preparing an electric with Twizy specs – while they already have a rebadged version of the Twizy called New Mobility Concept. This micro-urban vehicle will feature a closed body with a style inspired by the Nissan Land Glider unveiled in 2008.


Etienne Henry, at Nissan said to Automotive News Europe: "The future vehicle will combine the compactness of a motorcycle and weather protection offered by a car." 

For the record, the Twizy can take its occupants up to 80 kph with a 100 km range in its most dynamic version. This will probably also be the case of Nissan’s future vehicle that will hopefully use the tilting feature of the Land Glider concept. 

We remember the reveal of the Toyota i-Road at the last Geneva Motor Show. This model also completely closed will undergo a test next year with a fleet of several i-Road prototypes in Grenoble’s car-sharing service. The market of micro urban electric vehicles is in its infancy, but the good sales of the Twizy will surely give ideas to other manufacturers!

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