(VIDEO) Lord Drayson sets a new world speed record for an electric vehicle


Lord Drayson, the former British Minister of Science smashed the world speed record with an electric vehicle of less than one ton. Good news before his team participates in the Formula-E world championship next year.


In “silence”, he reached a speed of 328kph with its Lola-Drayson B12/69 EV –shaped like an endurance car (LMP1) – using the same chassis that usually houses a combustion V10 now powered by 600hp of electric motors.

The track of the British Royal Air Force in Elvington was the scene of this record. The previous record had been set in 1974 by the Americans of Battery Box General Electric at 281kph.
Lord Drayson is a jack of all trades, former science minister in the previous government, businessman, he is involved in the development of the next FIA Championship of electric Formula 1 - Formula E. 
Partially built of carbon fiber, the vehicle weighs less than 1000kg, despite its 20 kWh battery - almost equivalent to the Renault Zoe’s (22kWh) capacity. For Drayson, the technology used in the car "should help to improve the production electric cars."

Meanwhile, he focuses on the design of the racer that his team will present in the world championship FIA Formula E starting in September 2014. By a happy coincidence for Drayson, the first race will take place in London, then Rome, Miami, Beijing and Rio. So, go electric, go!

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