(VIDEO) Yo-mobile, pre-production prototypes on the road, official reveal on July 4th


You probably remember Mikhail Prokhorov’s hybrid cars, presented to Vladimir Putin at the early prototype stage in 2011.

The Ë-mobile brand, to pronounce Yo-Mobile and their first vehicle Yo-Crossover finds the way of production with first pre-production models of the natural gas hybrid crossover designed for the Russian people spotted a few days ago in Russia!


In September 2012 we were talking about the delays experienced by the brand that promised its first cars for 2012 then shifted the official launch to 2015...

At the World Economic Forum in St. Petersburg held this weekend, Prokhorov moved with a fleet of prototypes that will be officially revealed on July 4th!

2013_Yo-Crossover (3).jpg

After an acclaimed first design, a second more consensual, the Yo-Crossover is seen with some camouflage but we hope that the LEDs on the front bumper and the lenticular headlights find the way of production, as well as the tail lights!

2013_Yo-Crossover (1).jpg

We also discover the first pictures of its interior, sleek and high-tech with two large LCD screens placed in the center console on-board computer and infotainment and a multifunction steering wheel.

2013_Yo-Crossover (7).jpg

However we will have to wait for July 4th to get a confirmation of its specs-sheet!

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