(VIDEO) Sun Trip 2013 already 10 days of cross-country cycling!


The competitors of the solar electric bicycle race, The Sun Trip 2013 left a big week ago and gaps begin to widen. But more than any other race here, the key is really to participate.


We presented the event earlier this year, The Sun Trip 2013 left from the National Institute of Solar Energy in Savoy to join Astana in Kazakhstan over 5000 kms later. It is in the framework of Astana’s 2017 Future Energy International Exhibition that the city hosts the arrival of the competitors.

The adventure itself, takes the thirty competitors through a half-dozen countries, including Croatia, Italy, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan…

A curved solar roof

While a brief look at the map on which you can track the progress of the participants live up shows Elvira and Christian in last position (still in Italy), the Belgian Raf Van Hulle takes an option on the victory, as he crosses Romania – he has a lot to prove since he tests the reliability of the bike he just patented. But even if it is probably the most effecient, it is certainly not the most original the curved roof of Lionel Candille will for sure cause many torticollis on its way!


The Suntrip is not only a competition, it is also an opportunity to share experiences and what better to do than to create a blog for the occasion. Among those shown on the Sun Trip’s website, there is the very original from Annick-Marie Bouchard, a young Quebec that "only hopes no to finish last”.

Good luck to them!

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