(VIDEO) Silex Power promises the Chreos electric sedan for 2015, reveals the size of the battery pack and interior!


We discovered this concept-car with surprise in February, four months later, Silex Power, a Maltese company specializing in renewable energies (wind, solar, water) reveals new information and animation.


The Silex Chreos is a superlative premium electric sedan with an insane specs sheet:

1000km of range? That triggers some questions… Until we discover the size of the battery pack that powers the car, 200kWh! And a weight of 650kg thanks to an energy density of 400Wh/kg, allowing to have a large battery, without penalizing the total weight of the car.

Thanks to its carbon fiber structure the car would weight only 2.200kg!

2013_Silex_Chroes (3).jpg

Recharge is announced in 10 minutes thanks to an hypercharge technology, a huge 180kW inverter instead of the 3kW average on electric vehicles, and a specific cathode material to make it possible!

To put that in motion, four in-wheel motors for a total power of 640hp and 4400nm of torque bringing down the 0 to 100kph in 2.9 seconds.

About the design, this impressive 5.42m sedan receives a pillarless suicide doors and retractable handles like the Tesla Model S, OLED and LED headlights, and vents in the front designed to cool the electric motor.

Here is a new video with more details and a preview of the car’s interior.

Given its scheduled specs and the size of the battery, the price is expected to be above everything we know about electric sedan, we expect at least € 250,000, but certainly much more, its launch is announced for 2015 in a limited edition of 300 units!

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