(VIDEO) Battery Swap : Better Place is dead, long live the Model S Fast Pack Swap


The Californian company had communicated on this possibility in the early development of the Model S, but since the beginning of its launch no official announcement came to confirm what remained a rumor...

Tesla surprised everyone this week by revealing that a battery exchange technology is available on their electric sedan, a feat given the size of the battery: 60 or 85kWh!


During a live demonstration the way Elon Musk knows, the brand presented its battery swap technology (Fast Pack Swap) with a timed show. First exchange performed in 1”33’4, the second in just a few tenths more 1''36'6!

Hopefully Tesla will succeed where Better Place failed, Tesla’s share that had already significantly jumped at the announcement of the first profits should react favorably to this announcement...

Fast Pack Swap Event from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.

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