(VIDEO) Siemens EADS DA36 E-Star 2 the range-extender plane gets updated


While EADS highlights the E-Fan and E-Thrust technologies, Siemens presents the new developments of the DA36 E-Star 2 a Diamond Aircraft equipped with a range extender technology (series hybrid) developed jointly by Siemens and EADS.


In 2011 at the Paris Air Show, the first prototype was presented, this 2013 version shows a weight reduction of 100kg.

The DA36 E-Star 2 made a one hour inaugural flight last June 1st with a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions of 25% thanks to the improved weight / power ratio.

With a Wankel engine used as generator, the maximum power is 80kW and 65kW in continuous (the weight of the electric motor is only 13kg) or a two fold increase compared to the first prototype.


"The technology is scalable and will soon be making its way into small aircraft and in the future, commercial aircraft with 50 to 100 passengers, making aviation 'greener'," said Ralf-Michael Franke, CEO of Siemens Drive Technologies Division. 

Siemens and EADS have just signed a memorandum of understanding on a long-term research with Diamond Aircraft for the electric propulsion system.

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